What exactly *IS* Music videos? Radio 1 can explain. Or can they?

“For my money, the best comedy anywhere on the BBC right now.” Not our words, the words of the actual BBC, about our comedy sketch show, ‘What iS Music videos?’ Commissioned through Radio 1, Starstruck bagged a 12 episode series where we brought together the UK’s funniest young comedians in a show that (rightly) poked fun at music videos and the biggest artists on the planet.

Was this an ordinary sketch show? No, no it wasn’t. Starstruck came up with arguably the most inventive concept of all time, creating a fictional ‘AiPlayer’ – the BBC’s new artificial intelligent online educational tool created to teach the young people of Britain everything they need to know… about music videos.

The results… were mixed. But the cast, the writing and the performances were funny. Very, very funny. Michael Spicer, Thomas Gray, Rachel Stubbings, Sean Burke, Ryan Skillit and Will Best made up our core cast of characters whilst acclaimed comedy writer James Menzies brought this daft concept to life, through gritted teeth.