“Listening is Starstruck’s great strength – whether it’s quickly grasping your initial brief or steering your idea creatively to what works, or making changes, they do it fast.”

Ryan Harrison, Corporate Relations Manager, Shell UK

In the build up the 2023 UCI Cycling World Championships, Starstruck has been working with Shell UK and British Cycling to produce a raft of content announcing and exploring their exciting partnership. 

The collaboration aims to make cycling more accessible for people with a disability, supporting the Great Britain Cycling Team and para-cyclists through the sharing of world class innovation and expertise, including bringing new lubricant technology to all levels of cycling, an element of the partnership that Starstruck explored in great detail… 

Content for the films were shot at the Shell Technology Centre in Hamburg, Bristol University and the National Cycling Centre in Manchester. In addition, the Starstruck team put on a showcase event in Glasgow where the films were launched to the media ahead of the Cycling World Championships.