Shell’s ‘StartUp Engine UK’ supports a drive to help 15,000 people into jobs with a focus on the energy transition over the next decade.

Starstruck was pleased to help create ‘Demo Day London’, a live stream programme and physical event that saw eight smart energy startups pitching their energy solutions in areas including EV charging and carbon capture, utilisation and storage, whilst receiving instant feedback from investors and industry partners in the audience.

Starstruck produced this global live stream for Startup Engine, facilitating the entire experience, from set and lighting design to project, venue and delegate coordination, from show-running to the multi-camera live broadcast itself.

Starstruck delivered a flawless 120 minute live show, plus supported with additional sidecar crews for post-event highlights and behind-the-scenes content. Demo Day highlighted how our teams can supply end-to-end solutions for our clients in busy live event and production environments.


I feel I said ‘thank you’ enough times yesterday but I really did love working with your team. You have built a powerhouse of talent in Starstruck. And I had no idea about the young folk doing internships too, so professional and such great social impact. Just brilliant. I’d never let Shell work with anyone else.

– Adam Forbes, Program Director, Startupbootcamp