Monsoon-like weather conditions, the biggest air traffic control outage in the UK for a decade… and 225 interviews to capture with 68 different media outlets from around the world. Starstruck love a challenge!

Working with our client, Prime Video, Starstruck facilitated the mammoth production of their Global Press Junket in Prague for the second season of one of their biggest franchises, The Wheel of Time. Aiming to drive awareness for the core fans and a wider audience ahead of the new series launch, Starstruck worked closely with Prime Video and DDA PR, to help bring to life a first-of-its-kind hybrid activation that reinvented how press and influencers are engaged. In under 6 weeks, this creative collective developed, finessed and delivered a completely bespoke experience for press from 13 international locales including Australia, Brazil, France, Germany, India, Mexico, Spain and the U.K.

This unique combination of four separate activations were executed across two jam packed days of activities in Czechia: an immersive in-world screening at the iconic Two Rivers location set; immersive set visits at the incredible Jordan Studios complex; in-person junket interviews with The Wheel of Time HODs and EPs; plus a standalone virtual junket with further press from around the world.

Starstruck provided a crew of 25 people across 5 different production units, each based at the activation’s different locations, lighting the amazing studio stages, then capturing multi-camera journalist and influencer interviews throughout the long shoot days. The Starstruck post team also created a bespoke Prime Video online portal where approximately 100 hours of interviews, b-roll selects and edited highlight packages were uploaded, giving easy, personalised access to each media outlet.

“This was a one-of-a-kind, fully immersive two-day experience that granted a rare peek behind-the-curtain into the amazing world of The Wheel of Time. This Think Big approach maximized coverage opportunities across both the US and International media outlets, while remaining streamlined, frugal and appropriately scaled. The weather conditions and the air traffic control outage in the UK necessitated through-the-night travel re-bookings to ensure reporters could make the trip. We have had many obstacles in the way, but you have all channeled your strongest skills to find workarounds and solves, to pull off a spectacular event.”     

– Courtney Brown, Head of Global Publicity & Talent Relations for Franchise Series, Amazon Studios